Information media and internet are full of reports citing gradual and fast degradation of quality of natural water resources. Due to heavy industrialization and unnatural human activities there are seldom any reservoirs that contain water fit for human use and other purposes. The diminished quality of water imposes sever concern over the overall health of the mankind.

Water quality should be good so as to make is usable, not only for drinking purposes, but also for cooking, washing and bathing too. Many a times we are unable to identify reasons of frequent health issues like stomach ailments, liver problems, infections, skin problems, hair loss, roughing of skin and hair, itchiness etc. One of the reasons behind them is WATER.

We at ROSMO address such issues by taking care of the quality of water you use. After all, safe and pure water is everyone's fundamental right.

It is almost impossible to get the TDS range of 80-140 from existing RO devices except ROSMO RO SYSTEM. There are many reasons of that:

  • TDS of source water is highly variable [200-20000]; at every 5 km distance the TDS of water changes;
  • The Reverse Osmosis membrane has limitation to either purify it by 90-95% or 40-45%;
  • There is short life span of the RO membrane;
  • The UV, Carbon Filter, UF and TDS controller system are totally unable to reduce the TDS level of source water; they are installed for different purpose and have nothing to do with TDS value;
  • Same device cannot function similarly at different locations due varying TDS level in source water;
  • Single RO membrane cannot control the TDS level at desired level;
  • There is no counter check of the TDS level at consumer end; and
  • Currently available TDS controllers are ineffective to provide the desired TDS level.

ROSMO Technology is specially designed to obviate the above issues. The Patents and Designs for the same are pending before the Indian Patent Office.